Sweetbriar San gave a party for tea,
Her dog and her dolly were there,
They sat side by side as sedate as could be,
A very respectable pair:
The dog it sat up, and the doll it sat down,
While their hostess made tea so refreshing and brown.

Sweetbriar San was resplendent in silk,
With a beautiful sash round her waist;
She put in the sugar, she put in the milk,
To make the tea sweet to the taste:
The doll it sat down, and the dog it sat up,
While their hostess was busy preparing each cup.

Sweetbriar San to the dog gave a cup,
And a cup to the dolly gave she;
The dog put its nose in and drank the tea up,
But the doll was as still as could be;
The dog it sat up, and the doll it sat down,
While their hostess's forehead was framed in a frown.

Sweetbriar Sam took the doll by the hair,
She laid him face down on her knee,
And after she'd smacked him, made haste to declare
That she'd never more ask him to teac;
Then the doll was thrown down, but the dog it sat up
And drank all the tea that was in the doll's cup.


da Tom and Chloë Preston, The Peek-a-Boo Japs
(New York: Hodder and Stoughton, n.d.) 1912